Optical Tracking System with Multi-Sensors for Surgical Navigation

  • Conventional optical tracker finds marker pose by using either IR reflective ball or RGB. IR reflective marker frequently has line-of-sight problem because of big marker size. RGB marker is not robust for the blur. Therefore, we came up with new optical tracker system with newly proposed marker form using IR reflective region and RGB to reduce the line-of-sight problem occurrence and to make system robust for the blur.
  • Hybrid camera consists of two IR camera to detect marker pose, and one RGB camera to recognize ID of marker and implement AR(Augmented Reality).
  • Hybrid marker consists of IR reflective regions which form symmetrical structure and color plate. It leads marker size reduced. Colors of each plate are different for system to distinguish the markers. ID is found with dominant hue value of each marker.
  • This system has high accuracy with high resolution image and high ID recognition rate. It has marker under 3 cm on a side so the line-of-sight problem occurs less than conventional system.