Bone-endoscopic Surgical Robotic System

We develop bone-endoscopic surgical robotic system for removing lesion in the bone like bone cyst. In the bone-endoscopic surgical robotic system, the dual robotic arm can remove area of the lesion in the small bone space by flexible drilling motion of proposed wave-shape notched compliant joint and can clean & observe the area of lesion by flexible endoscope & irrigation & suction and master can control the dual robotic arm intuitively by surgeon following the characteristic of dual robotic arm.


Seunguk Kim


Wave-Shape Notched Compliant Joint with High Rigidity
Kim S, Shim S, Ji D, Hong J
Proceeding of Hamlyn Symposium on Medical Robotics 2019, 2019


An albased diagnostic and minimally invasive surgical robotic system for precise treatment of hematologic bone diseases
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy

Bone-endoscopic Surgical Robotic System

● Dual robotic arm: Remove the bone cyst through flexible motion with drilling irrigation, suction and endoscope.

● Master: Control the dual robotic arms by surgeons.

Dual Robotic Arm

※ Wave-shape notched compliant joint
● By increasing 𝒍_𝒔 and maintaining 𝒍_(𝒏_𝒊𝒏𝒏𝒆𝒓) in the wave-shape notch, proposed notched compliant joint can provide drilling guidance with high rigidity maintaining large bending angle.

※ Drilling-robotic arm with 4 DOF
※ Endoscope-robotic arm with 3 DOF


※ Master with 3 DOF
※ Integration of master-slave system

Experiment & Result

※ Integration of master-slave system
※ Phantom experiment

Conclusion and future work

※ Conclusion
● We developed bone-endoscopic surgical system for bone cyst surgery

● The wave-shape notched compliant joint can provide high rigidity at large bending angle required for drilling the bone cyst

● The dual robotic arm can perform 4 DOF motion for drilling and 3 DOF motion for endoscope, suction and irrigation

● The master can make surgeons control the dual robotic arm intuitively

● Through integration test for master-slave system and phantom experiment, we verify proposed bone-endoscopic surgical system can treat the bone cyst surgery

※ Future work
● By rigidity and flexibility of wave shape notch type compliant joint, manipulator can give high force to hard lesion with keeping high position accuracy of end-effector and remove every lesion in small and narrow space by flexible motion.