Panoramic Image of Different Viewpoint for Shoulder Arthroscopy

One of major issues in a conventional arthroscopic system is limited field-of-view (FOV). This constrains surgeons’ perspective regarding the orientation of an instrument in a surgical space as well as hand-eye coordination in arthroscopic surgery. Therefore, inexperienced surgeons require a lot of arthroscopic surgeries for their better perspective. This research aims to solve the issue by image processing called panorama.


Kyunghwa Jung




Center for Advanced Convergence Science of Human Bio-Informatics-Engineering-Clinical Research (HI13C1634)
The Health and Medical R&D Program of the Ministry of Health and Welfare of Korea

● Conventional panoramic image can show only front view of object. However, surgeons want to see the side view as well as front view. Therefore, we came up with new conceptional panoramic image showing side-view of close object by considering anatomical structure of shoulder.

● A lot of traditional panorama algorithms have been employed only when two cameras are fixed with same view-point. However, we fixed two cameras with different view point in order to take a side view picture. Therefore, we need a new approach for stitching images with different view-point with respect to our camera setting.

● We generated a virtual in-between image by using morphing algorithm so that two images with different viewpoint could be connect naturally. The virtual image was used for stitching two different view point images.