The Optical Tracking System for Surgical Navigation

The optical trackers are widely used to guide surgical instruments with a patient in operation. We developed various trackers in accordance with the surgical field such as bone tumor, implant and CMF surgery. The trackers are composed with a mono or stereo type cameras and we developed calibration procedures to build pose estimation.


Hyunseok Choi

● The optical tracker can be made by using any type of a mono or stereo cameras. The type of camera is decided by the accuracy requirements of surgery.

● For the bone tumor resection, we developed tablet PC based navigation system that use a mono camera. The tablet PC based tracking and navigation system is relatively less accurate than stereo camera based system, but it shows sufficient accuracy for orthopedic surgery (less than 1mm) and more convenient.

● In CMF or dental implant surgery, the accuracy is more important than convenience of system. Therefore, we used stereo cameras with the autofocus and zoom-lens. To compensate the variable focal length of autofocus and zoom-lens camera, we developed camera calibration and parameter estimation method.