Wire-driven Flexible Manipulator with Constrained Spherical Joints for Minimally Invasive Surgery


Daekeun Ji


Wire‑driven fexible manipulator with constrained spherical joints for minimally invasive surgery
Ji D, Kang T, Shim S, Lee S, Hong J
International Journal of Computer Assisted Radiology and Surgery, 14(8):1365:1377, Aug 2019


An albased diagnostic and minimally invasive surgical robotic system for precise treatment of hematologic bone diseases
Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy


● One of the main factors that affects the rigidity of flexible robots is the twist deformation because of the external force exerted on the end effector.

● Another important factor that affects accuracy is the fact that such robots do not have a constant curvature. The conventional kinematic model assumes that the curvature is constant; however, in reality, it is not.

● To improve the rigidity and accuracy of flexible robots used in minimally invasive surgery via preventing the twist deformation while ensuring a constant curvature, we propose a novel flexible manipulator with ball-constrained spherical (BCS) joints and a spring.