Surgical Navigation System for Catheter-Insertion Procedures

1. Surgical Navigation System for Catheter-Insertion Procedures

  • Surgical navigation based on electromagnetic tracking system (EMTS) assists catheter-insertion procedures including the epiduroscopy.
  • Optical tracking system (OTS) is a tracking modality which has higher accuracy and reliability than the EMTS.
  • To compensate for inherent tracking inaccuracy of EMTS, the OTS is additionally used in the conventional navigation system.
  • Transformation between coordinate systems of two tracking modalities is obtained via precise tracker calibration process.
  • Accurate patient-to-image registration is conducted with use of the OTS.
  • The OTS-based registration result with precise calibration result improves the accuracy of the conventional EMTS-based navigation system.

2. Compensation for Navigation Inaccuracy with 2D-3D Registration

  • Registration of preoperative CT model to intraoperative fluoroscopic images improves the navigation accuracy.
  • C-arm calibration is required for quantitative use of C-arm image in 2D-3D registration.
  • C-arm is modeled as a pinhole camera and then intrinsic parameters are derived via calibration process.
  • For intraoperative use of the proposed method, the conventional 2D-3D registration algorithm should be simplified and modified for the procedure-specific purposes.